Azadi ka Amrit Mahatsav


(Rs. in crores)

31 .12.200931 .12.200831 .12.200931 .12.200831 .03.2009
1Interest earned (a+b+c+d)1216.981126.583489.073177.414291.56
a) Interest / discount on advances / bills861.54871.422502.212436.943266.60
b) Income on Investments339.11247.88937.96728.40989.84
c) Interest on balances with Reserve Bank of India & other inter bank funds15.586.5645.8410.3722.68
d) Others0.750.723.061.7012.44
2Other Income112.99166.02426.55292.25500.02
3TOTAL INCOME (1+2)1329.971292.603915.623469.664791.58
4Interest Expended855.40783.092592.352205.653035.03
5Operating Expenses (i+ii)273.02280.17771.01716.97963.02
i) Payments to and provisions for employees167.14182.13483.69439.23579.62
ii) Other operating expenses105.8898.04287.32277.74383.40
6TOTAL EXPENDITURE (excluding Provisions and Contingencies) (4+5)1128.421063.263363.362922.623998.05
7OPERATING PROFIT before Provisions and Contingencies (3-6)201.55229.34552.26547.04793.53
8Provisions (other than tax) and Contingencies46.3535.11125.77166.02282.47
9Exceptional Items0.
10Profit /(Loss) from Ordinary Activities before tax (7-8-9)155.20194.23426.49381.02511.06
11Tax Expense43.1673.57125.98143.18135.89
12NET PROFIT/ (LOSS) from Ordinary Activities after tax (10-11)112.04120.66300.51237.84375.17
13Extraordinary items ( net of tax expense)
14NET PROFIT/ (LOSS) for the period(12-13)112.04120.66300.51237.84375.17
15Paid-up equity share capital (Face Value Rs. 10/- each)430.52430.52430.52430.52430.52
16Reserves excluding revaluation reserves (as per Balance Sheet of previous accounting year)1634.481334.861634.481334.861634.48
17Analytical Ratios
i) Percentage of shares held by Government of India76.7776.7776.7776.7776.77
ii) (a) Capital Adequacy Ratio (%) Basel - I11.1411.1111.1411.1110.75
(b) Capital Adequacy Ratio (%) Basel - II12.11-12.11-12.05
iii) Earnings per share (in Rupees) – not annualized.
Basic and Diluted EPS before and after
Extraordinary items (net of tax expense)
iv) NPA Ratios
a) Gross NPAs1216.82744.251216.82744.25798.41
b) Net NPAs648.93261.47648.93261.47271.90
c) % of Gross NPAs to Gross Advances3.192.303.192.302.29
Gross Advances
d) % of Net NPAs to Net Advances1.730.821.730.820.79
v) Return on Assets (annualized) (%)0.700.930.650.630.72
18Public shareholding
- No. of shares100000000100000000100000000100000000100000000
- Percentage of shareholding23.2323.2323.2323.2323.23
19Promoters and Promoter Group Shareholding
a) Pledged / Encumbered
- No. of SharesNilNilNilNilNil
- Percentage of shares (as a percentage of the total shareholding of promoter and promoter group)NilNilNilNilNil
- Percentage of shares (as a percentage of the total share capital of the company)NilNilNilNilNil
b) Non-encumbered
- No. of Shares330520000330520000330520000330520000330520000
- Percentage of shares (as a percentage of the total
shareholding of promoter and promoter group)
- Percentage of shares (as a percentage of the total share capital of the company)76.7776.7776.7776.7776.77
  • The above results have been taken on record by the Board of Directors of the Bank at its meeting held on January 30, 2010. The same has been subjected to limited review by Statutory Central Auditors of the Bank.
  • The financial results have been arrived at after making necessary provisions on estimated basis for liability on account of employee benefits like gratuity, pension, leave encashment, etc., depreciation on fixed assets, Investments, provision for Standard and Non Performing Advances and provision for taxes (including deferred tax).
  • Provision has been made for wage revision on estimated basis to the extent of Rs. 68.00 crores during the nine months period ended 31.12.2009, in addition to Rs. 55.00 crores provided during the year ended 31 .03.09, pending conclusion of agreement at the industry level.
  • The bank has implemented Agriculture Debt Waiver and Debt Relief Scheme, 2008 framed by Government of India. In terms of the said scheme, the bank has received Rs. 144.17 crores upto 31st December 2009 from Reserve Bank of India ('RBI') against the claim of Rs. 218.32 crores as certified by the Statutory Central Auditors of the bank under the Debt Waiver Scheme. During the year ended 31st March 2009, the bank had opted not to treat the eligible accounts under the Debt Relief Scheme as performing assets in terms of Reserve Bank of India Circular No.: DBOD.No.BP.BC.26/21 .04.048/2008-09 dated 30th July 2008 and accordingly, such advances as on 31.12.2009 amounting to Rs. 123.94 crores were subjected to IRAC Norms. During the nine months under review, the bank had exercised the option to treat the above accounts as performing assets as permitted by RBI which otherwise would have slipped to NPA, thus treating the total amount as Standard Assets and holding a provision of Rs. 10.66 crores for loss in Present Value terms as per the RBI circular. Had the above option been not exercised during the period, the net profit (net of taxes) and reserves would have decreased by Rs. 10.90 crores.
  • Steps are in progress for adjustment/reconciliation/elimination of inter-branch transactions, transactions with other banks/institutions, nominal accounts and old entries etc. under other assets and liabilities, the effect of which is not ascertainable and in the opinion of the management consequential impact thereof on revenue is not material.
  • The bank has implemented Basel-II. Based on the extensive exercise undertaken, the bank is of the view that the deficiencies, if any, will not have significant impact on the overall reported capital adequacy. The data compiled on the basis of the guidelines from Reserve Bank of India and estimates made by the management have been relied upon by the auditors.
  • The figures of the earlier periods have been regrouped wherever necessary to confirm to current period classification.
  • Details of investor complaints for the quarter ended 31st December 2009:
  • The above results have been compiled as per the listing agreement.
Date: 30.01 .2010 Place: PUNEM.G. Sanghvi Executive DirectorAllen C A Pereira Chairman & Managing Director