Mahalaxmi Term Deposit Scheme

The existing Mahalaxmi Scheme is merged with term depositors of Three Year Slab. The name Mahalaxmi term deposit is retained for the new slab of three years because it has created a brand value of its own in the market.

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Maha Saraswati Scheme

Usually savings are made for future requirements and or to meet unforeseen eventualities, which mainly involves health and life expectancy.

Benefits offered under Mahasaraswati Scheme

  • Education Loan
  • Accident Insurance Cover from Rs. 50,000.
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Mahasanchay Deposit Plan

Facilities Available

  • Loan upto 90% of balance including interest accrued.
  • Nomination facility is available.
  • Premature closure allowed as per rule of Term Deposits
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Recurring Deposit


An Individual, firm, partner & company, can open recurring deposit account. Even a minor can open Recurring deposit account with us

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Maha Millionaire RD (MMRD) Scheme :

Salient features of the Scheme are as under :

  • Under the Maha Millionaire RD scheme, the depositor will receive at least one Million Rupees (i.e., Rs.10 lakh) on maturity
  • Accounts can be opened for minimum period of one year and in multiples of years. Maximum period is 10 years.
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Monthly Interest Deposit Scheme

Eligibility :

The Account can be opened in the name of an individual, minor, joint depositors, firms, corporate, clubs etc.

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Quarterly Interest Deposit Scheme

Eligibility :

Any individual, firm, corporate, minor, joint depositors or club etc.

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Tax Saving Term Deposit

The salient features of the Scheme:

  • Name of the Scheme
  • Eligibility
  • Tenure of the Deposits
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Trust Deposit Scheme

The salient features of the Scheme:

  • There will be 50% concession in Collection Charges.
  • There will be 25% concession in the Commission of DDs/MTs/Pos.
  • Free acceptance of donations.
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