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"Remit2India" - Online Cross Border Money Transfer Services

"Remit2India" is a web-based, person to person money transfer system that allows individuals particularly our Non-Resident Depositors to remit foreign currency amount for credit to the Beneficiary account in India.

With a commitment to provide safe and hassle free money transfers, Bank of Maharashtra now ties up with Remit2India - the pioneer in online money transfers. This association brings you an unparalleled level of service, which allows you to send money home seamlessly and with total security. With our association you can now:

  • Send money online from 23 countries to India
  • Use a secure, state-of-the-art technology platform to send money anytime using the Internet
  • Have the comfort of using a service offered by two trusted brands - Bank of Maharashtra & Times of Money
  • Avail great exchange rates, etc.

Objective :
To provide the Product to Bank Customers (apart from existing funds transfer facilities offered by the Bank) to remit funds to India through the Web-site.

Product :
The Product will allow the Bank Customers who visit the Bank’s Website in the Internet and click on a hyperlink below through which the Bank Customer will be directed towards the registration page on the Web-site. After facilitating the registration of Bank Customer on the Web-site, the facility to transfer funds to India through the Web-site will be enabled. The Bank Customer will be required to login to the Web-site and give instructions regarding the amount to be remitted and the details of the beneficiary in India in order to transfer funds from outside India. The funds will flow through normal banking channels.

Benefit to customers :
  • Desktop to doorstep money transfer.
  • Available at the remitter’s desktop 24x7.
  • Wide choice of payment mode i.e. credit cards, direct debit, cheque, wire
  • Round the clock customer service.
  • Online funds tracker from initiating the transaction to receiving credit into the account.
  • Personalized messages with the remittance free of cost.
  • Toll Free numbers for customers in USA, UK, and Australia.
The link is as under :

"Remit2India" Click here

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