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Nostro Accounts

Sr. No.CurrencyCorrespondent BankCorrespondent SWIFT/BICCorrespondent Account NoAdditional Routing InfoCPFXMM
1AUD State Bank of India, SydneySBIN AU 2SAccount Number: 30102590720001;  CPFXMM
2CAD The Bank of New York Mellon, TorontoMELN CA TTAccount Number: 0001500279;  CPFXMM
3CHF Credit Suisse (Schweiz) AG, ZürichCRES CH ZZ 80AAccount Number: 0835-0946120-4300;  CPFXMM
4EUR Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am MainCOBA DE FFAccount Number: 400875008500;  CPFXMM
5EUR Standard Chartered Bank AG, Frankfurt am MainSCBL DE FXAccount Number: 050000906;  CPFXMM
6GBP Standard Chartered Bank, LondonSCBL GB 2LAccount Number: 01270476501;  CPFXMM
7GBP The Bank of New York Mellon, LondonIRVT GB 2XAccount Number: 9628178260;  CPFXMM
8HKDStandard Chartered Bank Hong Kong Limited, Hong KongSCBLHKHHXXXAccount Number: 44708114221 CPFXMM
9JPY The Bank of New York Mellon, TokyoIRVT JP JXAccount Number: 1883283950;  CPFXMM
10SGD Bank of India, SingaporeBKID SG SGAccount Number: 650120501000150;  CPFXMM
11USD Standard Chartered Bank, New York, New YorkSCBL US 33Account Number: 3582021853001;  CPFXMM
12USD The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, New YorkIRVT US 3NAccount Number: 803-3165-537;  CPFXMM
13USD Wells Fargo Bank National Association, New York, New YorkPNBP US 3N NYCAccount Number: 2000193008140;  CPFXMM