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Bank of Maharashtra introduces the facility of M-Pos (Mobile- Point of Sale).

The handy, wireless mobile type M-Pos instrument will be provided to the merchants with a minimum annual fee payable at quarterly intervals and adjustable /reimbursable from the transactions.

The overall process:

  • When the merchant(Customer) is registered on the Airpay Lead System the merchant information is captured by Airpay’s call center.
  • Airpay’s call center representative will call the merchant and explain the product and the charges (advance + trxn) to be incurred by him as well as all the documents required by Airpay. As part of the documents, Airpay will also collect an ECS mandate form from the merchant.
  • Airpay’s representative will also communicate the number of days it will take to deliver the POS machine to the merchant.
  • Airpay will request the merchant to pay the full year fees in advance in best case scenario. On a case to case basis, Airpay may allow the merchant to make the payment in 2 parts or in case 4 parts.
  • Airpay’s call center representative will provide the following options to the merchant to collect the advance charges:
  • Online link sent to through emailed or as a sms to their mobile no. Merchant can use Credit card/Debit Card/Net Banking to make this payment.
  • Cash Deposit – Merchant can deposit cash at any of Airpay’s retail partners who do mobile topup.
  • Cheque – Cheque deposit in the branch with name of Merchant and contact details mentioned at the back OR cheque collection when the device is delivered by Airpay’s representative.
  • Airpay’s local representative will deliver the device to the merchant. He will provide a demo and get a delivery challan signed from the merchant.
  • Once the transactions are started, Airpay will collect all the money on behalf of the merchant from Rupay & VISA and deposit to the merchant’s current account within T+2 working days.
  • Airpay will deduct its transaction charges before depositing the money into the merchant account.
  • •In case the merchant has paid half yearly or quarterly advance fees, Airpay will deduct the next half/quarter fees from the merchant’s transaction payout amount.
  • In case the merchant payout amount is less than the advance fees, Airpay will deduct it from Merchant’s current account using the ECS mandate.

Benefits to the Merchants (Customers):

  • Speedy Payment & Cash Management:
    By accepting payment through cards, sale proceeds are credited electronically in your account as per the agreed transaction cycle.
  • Saving of Resources and Quality Time:
    Our Acquiring Services results in fewer Cash transactions and saves your efforts and resources in counting, re-counting, storage of Cash and depositing it in the Bank. This allows merchant to spend more time and focus on important things like managing and growing your business.
  • Customer Stickiness and Increased Sales volume:
    The facility of making payments through Cards encourages customers to spend more as they are not constrained by cash on hand. This not only results in customer stickiness but also in increased purchases of higher-margin products as well as specialty items.
  • Customer Delight:
    Getting the facility of making payment through Credit, Debit or pre-paid cards may lead to Customer happiness.
  • Robust System:
    Our robust merchant acquiring services provides quick response and reliable support in case of network outages and POS terminal malfunctioning. This minimizes downtime, thus enhancing productivity and profitability.

Customer Care

Merchant can connect or write on the customer care number incase they have queries or issues related to POS device, transaction status etc.

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