Loan Scheme for Exporters

Objective of the Scheme :

To provide better terms of credit including rates of interest to all eligible exporters, including those under small and medium sector, compared to those extended to other exporters by the Bank.


All exporters, including those under small and medium sectors, would be covered under the scheme provided:

  1. Their accounts are classified as "STANDARD" continuously for 3 immediately preceding years.
  2. Their names do not figure in RBI's defaulter list / caution list and they have not been blacklisted by ECGC.
  3. There are no overdue in pre-shipment export credit.
  4. They have not run up losses continuously for 3 immediately preceding years.
  5. They do not have overdue export bills in excess of 10% of the current year's turnover.

Benefits to Exporters : 

  1. Limits will be sanctioned in-principle for 3 years, with a provision for renewal, subject to satisfactory compliance with the terms and conditions of sanction stipulated by the Bank.
  2. A standby limit to the extent of 20% of the assessed limit will be made available to the Gold Card holders for meeting urgent credit needs for executing sudden orders.
  3. Requests for Packing Credit in Foreign Currency (PCFC) from Gold Card holders will be given priority.
  4. PCFC will be extended at a rate not exceeding LIBOR + 300 basis points.
  5. In case of Rupee Packing Credit / Post Shipment credit, applicable Rate of Interest is Base Rate of the Bank, irrespective of credit rating.
  6. In case of unanticipated export orders, norms for inventory will be relaxed taking into account the size and nature of export order.
  7. Service charges stipulated for Gold Card holders will be 25% lower than the charges recovered from other exporters.

Tenure :

The Gold Card will be issued for a period of 3 years and will be automatically renewed for a further period of 3 years provided no adverse features, irregularities are noticed in the account.
In case of any misuse of the card or observance of any violation of terms and conditions, the Bank shall have the right to recall the Card any time.

Time frame for disposal of applications received under the scheme :



Sanction of fresh / enhanced credit limit

25 Days

Renewal of existing credit limits

15 Days

Sanction of ad-hoc credit facilities

7 Days

Documents :

Requests for credit under Gold Card Scheme is to be made as per the simplified loan application form for export credit (please see Annexure B in Downloads) along with Annexure I to IV as applicable, together