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Internet Banking

Bank of Maharashtra is offering the following services through Internet Banking and you can avail these facilities from your place using Internet connectivity, It’s banking made available at your doorsteps.

Facilities Available -


  • Funds Transfer within own account
  • Funds Transfer to third party account
  • Funds transfer outside Bank of Maharsahtra
  • E-payment of taxes
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Standing Instructions


  • Balances Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Statement of Account
  • Cheque Status Inquiry


  • Stop Payment of Cheque
  • Issue of Demand Draft
  • Issue of Cheque Book
  • Deposit Account Opening


  • Products & Services
  • Deposit Modelling
  • Loan Modelling

How to Apply for Mahaconnect (Internet Banking) ?

Download the application form for Internet Banking from or collect the application from the branch and submit the filled in application form to the branch. On successful processing of the application you will receive a user Id, a login password and a transaction password. Using this user id and passwords you can login to Mahaconnect and enjoy Internet Banking facility.

Download Application Form:

How to Access to Internet Banking -

Bank of Maharashtra has made use of MahaSecure mandatory to all the customers who perform net-banking activities such as online transactions, tax payment, online shopping etc. This is to ensure watertight security of all your confidential data and to protect you from any financial fraud.

What is MahaSecure

MahaSecure, secured by REL-ID, is a next generation secure digital banking app for all your online banking needs. It provides the convenience, security and uniform experience across all devices including desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets through the apps medium to deliver services.

  • Available on all devices - desktops, laptops, tablets & smart phones
  • Supported on all operating systems - Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android
  • Compelling & consistent digital experience on all your devices
  • Quick banking apps like check account balance, fund transfer, pay bills are just a click away
  • Military grade security through a secure private network (REL-ID Network) protecting you against loss of funds

How can I download & activate MahaSecure?

  • You can download MahaSecure only if you have been enrolled to use MahaSecure by Bank of Maharashtra. If you have been enrolled, you would have received the activation credentials on your registered mobile number.
  • If you have been enrolled and you have received the activation credentials, then follow the below simple steps to download and activate MahaSecure.
  • Log in to internet banking through
  • Click on download button
  • Run the downloaded.msi (Setup file)
  • After running the file, you will have a MahaSecure icon on your desktop. Double click on this icon to launch MahaSecure
  • Log-in to MahaSecure by entering your internet banking User ID.
  • Enter activation code matching with verification key that you have received on your registered mobile number
  • Set secret question, provide secret answer for question. (Keep secret answer which is easy to remember)
  • Set 4 digit PIN which will be needed every time you log into MahaSecure

Security Tips -

  • Do not access your Internet Banking account from a cyber cafe or a shared computer.
  • Do a proper Log off from the Internet Banking session. Do not just close your browser.
  • Do not click any link that takes you to the website. Always type in the correct URL ( into the address bar of your browser.
  • Disable the “Auto Complete” function of your browser.
  • Use letters, numbers and special characters in your passwords to make it complex and difficult for others to guess.
  • Do not share your Internet Banking passwords with anybody.
  • Do not respond to any mails asking for confidential information like PIN, password or account number.
  • Always check the last login to your Internet Banking account
  • Check the URL of the web page. When browsing the web, the URLs begin with letters “http”. However, over a secure connection, the address displayed should begin with “https” note the “s” at the end.


  • Add Mahaconnect to your List of Favorite Sites: We recommend that you bookmark / add to your favorites the URL: in order to
  • Change your Password once in a while: We recommend that you change your password regularly, at least every 30 days or so. To change your passwords login to Click on “Options ? Change Login Password / Change Transaction Password”.
  • Proper Log Out: Log out from Mahaconnect every time you complete your online banking session. Do not close your browser directly without a proper log out.
  • Look for the padlock symbol on the bottom bar of the browser to ensure that the site is running in secure mode before you input any sensitive information.
  • Keep your Internet Banking Passwords Confidential: We assure you that Bank of Maharashtra officials will never ask you for your Internet Banking Passwords through any medium (via email or phone etc).
  • Destroy unnecessary financial documents immediately : Destroy pin or password mailers immediately after memorizing them. Never write them down anywhere.
  • Disable the “Auto Complete” function on your browser: If you are using Internet Explorer, turn off the ‘Auto Complete’ function on your browser to prevent your system from remembering Passwords. To Disable the “Auto Complete” function -
    1. Open Internet Explorer. Select Tools ? Internet Options ? Content (Tab)
    2. Click on Settings Button under Auto Complete section
    3. De-Select User Names and passwords on forms check box
    4. Click on “OK”


  • Do not leave your personal Information lying around at an unprotected place. Always ensure that your cheque books, pass books, deposit receipts are kept in a secure place.
  • Avoid downloading program from unknown sources: Some sources may have hidden forms of spyware or viruses that could compromise the security of your computer.
  • Do not open attachment sent through mails, if you don’t know the sender.
  • Never open email attachments that have file extensions like .exe, .pif, or .vbs. Such files are usually dangerous.
  • Do not keep your computer online when not in use: Either shut down your PC or disconnect it from Internet
  • Do not use shared computers: We recommend that you avoid accessing from a public/ shared computers, eg: cyber cafe etc.

Common queries on Internet Banking -

Q : What are the important points to be ensured by branch before forwarding application to Internet Banking Cell?

A : 1. Name & Address in the application is same as in the system (If the address is different, update the latest address in the system by observing KYC norms.)

  1. Application is signed by the customer/joint account holder/all partners
  2. Flag for Internet Banking / Mobile Banking/Phone Banking are updated in the system
  3. Correct CIF No of the customer is written on first page of the application.
  4. If the customer opts for SMS Banking, ensure that 10 digit mobile no with country code -91- is given in the application & also updated in the system.
  5. User’s personal details such as Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Mother’s maiden name are given in the application.

Q : What is the procedure if customer’s User Id gets blocked?

A : Customer has to call on Toll free no.1800 233 1808 for unlocking of his user id.

Q : How can customer get duplicate password, if he forgets earlier passwords?

A : Forgot password link is provided on the Login page. Customer has to click on this link & submit the request for duplicate passwords.

Q : Whether online Help is available for Updating Internet Banking flag/Linking of Accounts/Activating SMS Alerts facility for credits & debits in the account?

A : Open the above URL & click on Help menu. All procedures related to Internet Banking are available through this URL.

Q : What is the alternate way of communication if any branch/customer wants to communicate with Internet Banking Cell? (If Phone lines are busy)

A : Branches/Customers can send their queries/requests by Email to :

Contact us / BOM Internet Banking Customer Care Helpdesk -

SMS-based support : For Other Internet Banking related assistance SMS ASSIST to 9223181818

Phone Numbers : Toll free Numbers - 1800 233 4526 / 1800 102 2636

Helpdesk Timing : Helpdesk is available 24 x 7 x 365

E-Mail us @ :

Contact Our MahaSecure Customer Care Helpdesk -

Toll free Numbers : 1800 233 4526 / 1800 102 2636

E-Mail us @ : 

What is FX e-Connect -

Bank of Maharashtra brings you a new way of Banking. A hassle-free & user friendly Online Platform FX-eConnect designed to serve our retail customers to initiate the forex transactions request from the comfort of your home/office.

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