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Financing Solar Energy Based Pumpset Loans

Financing Solar Energy Based Pumpset Loans


Type of Facility

Term Loan (TL)


Installation of Solar water Pumping System


  • Farmer should have adequate source of water
  • For wells, it should have sufficient recouping capacity to irrigate the area
  • Farmer should have own economic land holding with minimum of 10 acres.


  • Solar PV Panel
  • One of the following motor pump sets compatible with the photovoltaic array:
  1. Surface mounted centrifugal pump set
  2. Submersible pump set
  3. Floating pump set
  4. Any other type of motor pump set after approval from MNRE


  75% of the cost of the equipment


Upto Rs. 1.60 lakh - Nil

Above Rs.1.60 lakh - Margin shall be minimum of 25%. If subsidy is available, same can be considered as margin

Rate of Interest

Up to Rs.10.00 lakh     : 1 Year MCLR + BSS@0.50% + 2.00%

Above Rs.10.00 lakh    : 1 Year MCLR +BSS@0.50%+ 3.00%


  • Upto Rs. 1.60 lakh - Hypothecation of Equipment
  • Above Rs.1.60 lakh- Hypothecation of Equipment & Third Party Guarantee/ Mortgage of Land


   Minimum 5-7 years

Paper requirement

1.    Loan application ie Form No -138,  &  Enclosure – B2
  • All 7/12, 8 A, 6 D extracts, Boundaries of the applicant
  • No dues certificates of the applicant from surrounding financial institutions including PACS
  • Legal search from advocate on Bank’s panel for loans above Rs.1.60 lakh where land is to be mortgaged
  • Copy of Quotations / Estimates
2.   Guarantee form F-138 
  • All 7/12, 8 A & PACS dues certificate of the guarantors