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FCNR Deposits

Interest Rates on fresh FCNR(B) & RFC Deposits for the month of January 2022 shall be as under

PeriodRates for
Rates for
Rates for
Rates for
Rates for
12-15-18-21 months
24-27-30-33 months 1.451.460.211.171.80
36-39-42-45 months 1.681.580.361.532.02
48-51-54-57 months 2.041.840.212.052.33
60 months 2.121.810.272.172.34

Please note that any Single FCNR(B) deposit in EUR, AUD, CAD, will be for a minimum amount of 5000/- in the respective currencies and in GBP for a minimum of GBP 2000/-.
Branches should seek prior approval from Treasury & International Banking Division, Mumbai before accepting fresh FCNR(B) deposits denominated in GBP, EUR for a period of 2 years and above and before accepting any deposit in AUD, CAD and SGD. These deposits would be accepted by Bank subject to having sizeable ticket size and deployment opportunity. Before giving commitment to depositor, branches should seek approval from TIBD.

Deposits are to be accepted for a minimum period of 12 months and thereafter in multiples of quarters only.

in case of SGD acceptance of fresh deposits /Renewal of existing FCNR (B) is discontinued till further instructions.

Interest Rates on USD RFC deposits w.e.f. 1st ​ January 2022 shall be as under

12-15-18-21 months24-27-30-33 months36-39-42-45 months48-51-54-57 months60 months

International Division
022 - 22780 306 / 316 / 317
Fex Centre
Connaught Place Br., Delhi
23730449 / 23321444 / 23322078
Fex Centre
N. S. Road, Kolkata
22486971 / 22484837
Fex Centre
City Market Br., Bangalore
26604567 / 6700318
Fex Centre
Broadway, Chennai

For Further Details Contact :
Deputy General Manager

Treasury & International Banking Division, Mumbai
email :
Phone : 91 - 22 - 22780 306 / 316 / 317
Fax : 91-22-22780331