GST (Goods and Services Tax) module in Bank of Maharashtra

The GST (Goods and Services Tax) module is implemented in bank for the customers/ Non-customers. Bank has integrated with GSTN (Goods & Service Tax Network) and is GST ready.

The necessary guidelines for collection of GST have been communicated to all the branches.
The GST Collection shall be done in the bank by following modes
1) Over the counter :

The customer will be generating challan from GSTN (Goods and Services Tax Network) website and bringing the hard copy of challan to the branch for making the payment. The branches shall accept the GST challans from customer/non-customers over the counter. There will be three options available to customer:

  • Cash Payment
  • Transfer through Cheque, Demand Draft and Pay order of BoM
  • Clearing through Cheque, Demand Draft and Pay order of other bank

2) Net Banking Customer

  1. Retail Net Banking Customer
    • The registered GST customer will be generating challan from GSTN website and selecting e-payment option
    • After selecting the internet banking option and bank name the redirection will happen to bank of Maharashtra internet banking
    • Post selection of retail or corporate buttons and entering login credentials the user can make payment of GST challan
    • The transaction will be over post selection of account, transaction password and OTP. After financial transaction is over, the redirection to GSTN site is done where final challan status is shown to customer
  1. Corporate Net Banking Customer
    • In case of corporate Internet Banking the additional step is that, the transaction will go form maker to checker, as per existing procedure
All our branches accept GST Challans over the counter Taxpayers can pay GST through Net Banking

A Helpdesk is created for assistance on GST. In case of any query, please contact Helpdesk on Toll Free No 1800-233-4527

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