Direct Selling Agent” for Housing Loan

Become DSAs for a mutually beneficial relationship

Bank of Maharashtra is providing Housing Loans under its various schemes to eligible customers on the terms and conditions notified by it from time to time.

Bank of Maharashtra invites Applications from Direct Marketing Agents/ Direct Selling Agents and other eligible entities to render their services to canvass loan applications under home loan schemes of the BOM and/or marketing of the other permissible financial products of the BOM on Commission basis at its Branches/ Zones.

Please visit our Branches/ Zones to know more.

Who is eligible?

  1. Registered Builders / Developers and their sales representatives as Marketing (MAs) , reputed Housing Loan Counsellor and Autorised Real Estate Brokers (RERA registered)
  2. Any Individuals working in the financial field such as approved agents for selling LIC policies/ NSCs/ Mutual Funds
  3. Approved valuers, CAs, Financial Planner, Tax Consultants
  4. Registered Partnership firms and proprietorship firms public/ private Companies

How to apply?

Application in the prescribed format is to be submitted to the respective branch head for empanelment / Zonal Office. Empanelment shall be at the sole discretion of Bank of Maharashtra and as per requirements.

Application form can be downloaded from our website: www.Bank of

You can also write to us on with your detailed profile.

Conditions apply: Approval of Loan shall be at the sole discretion of the Bank of Maharashtra and subject to guidelines issued by Regulators and Bank from time to time.

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“Direct Selling Agent” for Housing Loan
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