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Bank of Maharashtra Bringing Financial Solutions for Doctors With Its MAHA-DOC Scheme

Bank of Maharashtra Bringing Financial Solutions for Doctors With Its MAHA-DOC Scheme

In an era where the healthcare sector faces pivotal challenges ranging from infrastructural shortages to the pressing need for modern equipment, Bank of Maharashtra steps up as an ally to the medical community and offers MAHA-DOC Scheme designed specifically for Doctors. This scheme aligns with the bank's commitment to fostering a robust healthcare ecosystem that prioritizes quality and accessibility for all.

Eligibility and Purpose: A Doorway to Enhanced Healthcare

The scheme is tailored for registered medical practitioners holding degrees like BAHMS, BAMS, BPT, MBBS, and BDS, with professional experience spanning at least 2 years after qualification. Eligibility extends to those registered under the MSMED Act, 2006, and holders of the Udyam Registration certificate, ensuring a broad spectrum of the medical community benefits from this scheme.

The scheme offers comprehensive support, encompassing various needs:

  • Establishing a Healthcare Facility: Acquire premises to own and operate hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, physiotherapy centres, polyclinics, and specialized centres like skin clinics, endoscopy units, dialysis centres, and more.
  • Equipping for Excellence: Purchase essential medical equipment, including ancillary devices, furniture, fixtures, professional tools, computers, UPS systems, software, and more.
  • Modernization and Expansion: Financing for renovating, expanding, or modernizing existing healthcare facilities.
  • Essential Supplies: Access funds for stocking up on critical medicines and vaccines.
  • Specialized Needs: The scheme even extends to specialized requirements, such as financing for IVF centres, demonstrating its adaptability to diverse medical services.

Financial Features: A Closer Look

  • Loan Quantum: Medical professionals can avail term loans upto Rs. 25.00 crores. Working Capital Loans to Hospitals can be extended as per working capital assessment and need.
  • Interest Rates: Attractive interest rates linked to RLLR (Repo Linked Lending Rate), with incentives of reduced rates based on collaterals provided, amount of loan among other factors.
  • CGTMSE Coverage: Loans of up to Rs. 5.00 crore are covered, making the scheme more attractive for micro and small enterprises.
  • Margins: For loans up to Rs. 2.00 crore, margin of 20% project cost is to be maintained (15% for vehicles) and a 25% margin for cash credit limit. For loans exceeding Rs. 2.00 crore, margin required is 25%, showcasing a supportive financing structure.
  • Repayment Flexibility: Under the scheme repayment periods extend up to 12 years, allowing practitioners ample time to stabilize and grow their operations.

Bank of Maharashtra’s MAHA-DOC Scheme for Doctors is not merely a financial initiative. It's an integral part of a broader vision aimed at providing the Indian medical fraternity with the means to upgrade, expand, and innovate within the healthcare sector. This scheme is poised to be a cornerstone in elevating the quality and accessibility of healthcare services, marking a significant stride towards addressing the current and future challenges of the healthcare industry in India.

Author: Bank of Maharashtra
Date of Publish: 18 Mar, 2024

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