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Types of Agriculture Loans and Which One is Right for You

Types of Agriculture Loans and Which One is Right for You

Agriculture is the biggest occupation in India. We, as a nationalized bank, work towards empowering farmers who provide for the basic needs of our country. Bank of Maharashtra has customized loans for farmers, including horticulture, vehicle purchases, solar installations, animal husbandry, farm mechanization, home construction, warehouse building, and many more.

This blog is all about understanding the types of agriculture loans offered in your very own Bank of Maharashtra and helping you decide the right loan based on your agricultural needs.

The importance of agricultural finance in a country dependent on agriculture as an occupation and economy is immense.

Agricultural loans come in various types to help farmers purchase inputs, invest in new-age technologies that might help agriculture cultivation growth, and maintain a steady cash flow. This will help to increase the cultivation and profitability.

Types of Agriculture Loans in India

The agricultural sector in India is diverse, and so are its financial needs. Bank of Maharashtra meets these needs through various specialized loan products. From short-term crop loans to long-term infrastructure finance, each product is designed to cater to different aspects of agricultural operations.

Various nationalized and private banks in India offer loans to farmers for various purposes:

  • Crop loans
  • Farm mechanization loans
  • Land purchase loans
  • Livestock loans
  • Warehouse related loans
  • Solar power

Some banks also have disbursements based on types of crop loans for farmers when needed.

Bank of Maharashtra's Agricultural Loans

Farmers can choose from various agricultural loans depending on their requirements with Bank of Maharashtra, like credit cards or long-term loans for up to 7 or 10 years.

Below are some of those loans:

Mahabank Kisan Credit Card (MKCC): MKCCs deliver as a prime choice for farmers who need money for a short time. Kisan Credit Card is similar to having a credit card. Any farmer can avail credit money whenever needed and has to add it back before the credit cycle. These cards greatly help when quick financial help is required in crop production and other farming activities.

Mahabank Gold Loan Scheme - Agriculture: This loan is extended for farmers to get loans against their gold ornaments/jewellery. This money can be further used for agricultural purposes, and these loans have a competitive interest rate. Moreover, there are no processing charges for loans up to 3 lakh rupees. Repayment of this loan has various options, including MKCC, cash-credit allied activities, or a term loan repayment within 60 months, depending on the purpose.

Scheme for Financing Farmers for Purchase of Land: This is a term loan offered to small and marginal farmers who wish to purchase land. This loan scheme helps farmers in expanding their land holdings for agricultural purposes. The loan amount can go up to Rs. 20 lakhs based on fulfilling certain minimum eligibility criteria. Repayment of loan can happen in 7 to 10 years, subject to certain rules and regulations.

Scheme for Estate Purchase Loans: This special loan is given to farmers who cultivate traditional and prestige plantation crops like tea, coffee, rubber, etc. The maximum loan amount is 20 lakhs.

Along with these specialized loans, Bank of Maharashtra also has loan options for farmers if they wish to expand their business in animal husbandry, horticulture, farm mechanization, or solar projects. You can get all the information of all agriculture-related loans at Bank of Maharashtra’s website.

Understanding Crop Loans

Types of crop loans play a vital role for farmers to help them during their seasonal financial crop needs. Such loans are crucial as they cover expenses for sowing, harvesting, and post-harvest activities to ensure that financial constraints don’t hinder the agricultural cycle.

Agriculture Land Loan Interest Rates

The agriculture land loan interest rates at the Bank of Maharashtra are designed to ease the financial burden on farmers. These competitive rates vary depending on the loan type and duration, ensuring affordability across various farming scales and needs.

Eligibility and Application Process:

Eligibility criteria differs based on various kind of loans. Some eligibility criteria include land ownership, involvement in farming activities, and even financial stability for certain loans. At Bank of Maharashtra, the application process is transparent and easy. The bank focuses on quick disbursal to meet the timely needs of farmers.

The Importance of Agricultural Finance:

Once we are aware of the types of agriculture loans in India, let’s get to know the importance of agricultural finance. These agriculture loans play a pivotal role for farmers, may it be crop production or a time of crisis. Moreover, the overall development of the rural economy also depends on agriculture finance.

Choosing the Right Loan:

Selecting the appropriate loan depends on thoroughly evaluating your farming needs, whether you need the loan for farming or wish to purchase land and use it for animal husbandry. Moreover, you also have to understand the loan terms and consider your repayment capacity. A thorough examination of all such things will help you to find a suitable fit. Another way of getting clarity is by conversing with the Bank of Maharashtra’s representatives, who can help you.

As a nationalized bank, we aim to be the pillar of support for India's farmers by offering various loans as and whenever needed.

Moreover, there are various beneficial schemes for farmers in India. They simply need to understand the importance of agricultural finance given by the government and study the list of agricultural schemes in India to help them better.

Author: Bank of Maharashtra
Date of Publish: 30 Jan, 2024

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