New Pension Scheme

What is New Pension Scheme?
 It is a pension scheme launched by Government of India.
 Save today and get monthly pension after the age of 60.
 Save monthly or yearly as per your Income Structure. No fixed monthly installment.

Who Can Invest?
 Every Citizen between the ages of 18 to 60 years at the time joining.
How much to Invest?
 Minimum amount Rs.500/ per contribution
 Minimum Contribution per year Rs. 6000/-
 Minimum Contributions per year -1

What is Swavalamban?
 Incentive offered by Government on self declaration of the subscriber being eligible under the scheme.
 In case of false declaration provision of refund of benefits with penal Interest.

Under Swavalamban
 Minimum Subscription amount Rs. 500/-
 Minimum Contribution per Annum Rs. 1000/-
 Maximum Contribution per annum Rs. 12000/-
 Government will contribute Rs. 1000/- per year up to 2013-2014

Investment Option
 1) Active Choice : You have option to choose the category
 2) Auto Choice: By default the option is selected.

Tax Benefits :
 Amount invested up to 1.00 lacs is eligible for exemption under 80CC

How Pension will be available
 On attaining age of 60 you will have to invest minimum 40% of Corpus in annuity scheme of the service provider appointed by PFRDA.
 ASP appointed by PFRDA would be responsible for delivering a regular monthly pension.

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